Thursday, January 8, 2009


In the summer of 2004 I finished my MSLIS degree by spending two weeks in the Czech Republic. Here is a video from that experience:

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judylibrarian said...


My name is Judy Donn. I am just picking up the 26.2 things course again after beginning in September. Hopefully I'll finish before the course is removed, I think, on Jan. 31. My original blog was on chamber music and musicians. I just looked at it and saw that you were following it, so I clicked on your blog. And, I see you spent time in Prague! Our daughter spent her junior year in high school in a small town south west (I think) of Prague--Trebic. She had a wonderful time. We (husband, son and I) visited her for 17 wonderful, glorious days where we were treated to magnificent sites and hospitality fit for royalty! And, Prague now our favorite non-U.S. city! Hope you had fun!